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the no bs skincare guide for men

If you’re reading this, then you’re either:

  1. Trying to get your boyfriend, husband, brother, dad, uncle, etc. to stop using St. Ive’s on their face twice a day as a CLEANSER
  2. An actual human male who is low key reading this on the DL and wants to have glowing skin but will never say that out loud
  3. An amazing, smart male who already has a skincare regimen, but is just confirming they’re still doing it right
  4. A guy who got sent this link by the person who resonates with choice 1 who is very much trying to prove an important point

Here’s the thing, fellas, skincare is just as important for men as it is for women. You age, breakout, lose collagen and elasticity… the list goes on. However, before you roll your eyes and close out of this webpage, we have some great news! We’re spilling the no BS skincare guide for men, and it’s only a quick four steps. 

Step One: Cleanse your face. And not with the 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner and bodywash. And definitely not with St. Ive’s.

There’s a heavier focus on cleansers and skincare in general for women because for the most part, women have to remove makeup from their face to keep their pores clean and their complexion clear. However, men build up oil, dirt, debris, etc. throughout the day as well, making it critical that you wash your face daily. A simple, gentle cleanser will do the trick! kd’s soothe + lather cleanser is a good go-to for everyday cleansing and won’t dry you out!

If you have oily or acne prone skin, we recommend incorporating a toner with glycolic and salicylic acid in it as a follow-up to your cleanser. We promised to keep this at four steps though, so just shop our flexin’ my complexion toning pads here if this is another step you may need. 

Step Two: Vitamin C! (No, orange juice does not count.)

If we’re talking doing the absolute least in a skincare regimen, Vitamin C is the only serum you need. This serum is going to protect your skin from harmful free radicals, correct any dark spots/pigmentation and overall boost your complexion. Vitamin C serums are a versatile must-have for everyone, and is an MVP in the anti-aging realm of the skincare world. Our glow up serum is a fan favorite!

Step Three: Hydrate yo’ face!

A light-weight, simple moisturizer will do the trick.. Applying a moisturizer locks in moisture and keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day, helping you avoid any dryness, flakiness and leading to soft, clear skin. Shop our lightweight, soothing skin milk moisturizer here.

Step Four: Sunscreen. (You knew we were gonna say it.)

Obviously this is a step that is done in the morning/during the day and not at night, but sunscreen is SO important for men to be wearing everyday too. Sun exposure and damage is the #1 contributor to signs of aging on our skin. Our clean + sheer sunscreen is an amazing mineral sunscreen that also contains ingredients that hydrate, brighten and correct your skin.

This next part is a “brownie points” section for anyone that is trying to go the extra mile and combat signs of aging. Incorporating retinol into your PM routine (before moisturizer!) is an incredible way to diminish wrinkles, restore elasticity and will keep you lookin’ FRESH. Our retinol serum comes in two concentrations, and we also have an eye cream that includes both retinol and caffeine to keep you bright-eyed all day long.

As always, we got your back. Speaking of backs, our flexin’ my complexion toning pads are great for backne and to throw in your gym bag to ensure you are really getting your face clean and free of sweat, dirt and debris after a workout. If you are questioning where to start, what to do, or feel like you may need to incorporate other products to target skin concerns, book a virtual consultation! We will walk you through a customized regimen tailored to your skin type and how to execute each step.

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