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skincare for every decade: 20s, 30s, 40s+

As we age, we notice a lot of changes that happen to our bodies. Our metabolism changes (the worst), grey hairs may pop up (sometimes prematurely), but most importantly, our skin changes. Whatever skincare routine you have in your twenties more than likely won’t work for you in your thirties, and so on. What should you be doing to take care of your face in each decade and season of life? We’re here to give you the lowdown on how to take care of your skin from products to office treatments, starting with our 20 and 30-somethings. 

Twentysomethings- In most cases, your skin is very low maintenance when you’re in your twenties. Your skin is still producing collagen like a dream, your skin is plump, firm and fine lines are minimal or non-existent. There are two key things you need to be doing in your twenties to set yourself up for success in terms of your skin.

1- Establish a basic, yet consistent skincare regimen. This doesn’t have to be anything crazy or elaborate, and can consist of 3 things: cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen. Of course if you want to add more preventative serums to your skincare lineup, we are here for it and in that case, we would recommend a medical grade vitamin C.

If you are oily with acne prone skin, you probably want to incorporate a toning pad with glycolic and salicylic acid to help treat and soothe breakouts. If you are struggling with treating your acne or have cystic acne, we recommend getting treatment recommendations from a medical professional.

And one more thing before we move on: please take off your makeup before bed!!! 

2- Focus on prevention, and by prevention, we 100% mean SPF. Nearly 80% of the signs of aging on the face are directly attributed to sun exposure. So it’s critical to wear sunscreen regularly, even if you aren’t at the beach or at the pool. Sun exposure breaks down collagen leading to dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. and can make your skin age faster than your actual age. Adding in a mineral sunscreen as the last step before you apply makeup is the gold mine of skin advice that we wish we all would’ve listened to.

In your twenties, is the perfect time to be introduced to office treatments. Aesthetic injections can enhance certain facial features, like lips and cheeks, but a lot of patients begin getting botox injections to treat and prevent fine lines. Microneedling, chemical peels and IPL treatments can help clear acne scarring as well as help you achieve even, glowing skin!

Hello, 30s! Your thirties bring many pivotal moments in regards to your skin. You are probably busy, tired and wake up one morning and wonder if wrinkles can just develop overnight. The collagen in your face is beginning to break down quicker than it can be produced and signs of aging may begin to show, but have no fear! Your 30s are still technically a preventative stage with a dash of treatment.

A consistent skincare regimen and continued use of SPF is a MUST in your thirties, with the addition of a vitamin c serum in the morning and a retinoid at night. Vitamin C and retinol are the REAL MVPs of skincare and are a part of the anti-aging “A-Team” here at kd (read more about the a-team in our previous blog post here). Vitamin C does a plethora of things from increasing collagen production to brightening and evening out your complexion.  Retinol increases the cell turnover, to repair and prevent further skin damage. Both products lead to plumper, clearer, brighter and smoother skin.

In your thirties you have started to notice fine lines and wrinkles even when your face is resting. Tox injections are a great treatment to look into to correct those fine lines as well as prevent new ones from developing. There is no other treatment that accomplishes what Botox/Dysport does when it comes to diminishing fine lines and wrinkles and smoothing out your face. At some point in your thirties, you may look into filler injections to supplement collagen loss in your cheek bones or other areas of your face. 

Forties and up: Your skin can really change a lot in your forties, so we are going to give a few general recommendations here. At this point, you’ve probably started to notice more visible volume loss in certain areas of your face, as well as more fine lines and wrinkles that may even appear to be deep. You may notice your skin is thinning a bit, causing some sagging and possibly more delicate and/or dry. Have no fear! As per usual, we got you and have this under control.

There are so many different things that can happen in these decades, so our first key recommendation is to make an appointment with one of our medical providers. They will help guide you with skincare treatments and products. Products and treatments are heavily dependent on the individual and what they need to correct and improve any sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, volume loss, etc..This is why seeking guidance from a provider to build a customized treatment plan is truly your best option. You can schedule a consultation with us and we can give you our professional recommendations for treatment, as well as build a customized skincare regimen tailored to your needs.

The use of SPF, retinoids and vitamin c is still critical here, but you also may have a need for deeper hydration and some light chemical exfoliation. You want to incorporate skincare products that correct, treat AND prevent. 

As always, we’re here for both you AND your skin. Schedule a complimentary virtual or in-person skin consultation. We can guide you with our professional and medical recommendations to help you glow at every age. xoxo

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