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here's why we choose medical grade skincare

While we are 100% here for the all-natural, organic healthy food movement (although we will NOT cancel carbs), we have some hesitation when it comes to the all-natural, organic skincare movement.

We are told that if something is plant-derived and organic that it must be both safe + sustainable for our bodies. Where that is true for the nutrients we physically ingest into our bodies, that's not always the case for applying it to our skin.

Before we get started, we are not completely hating on all-natural, organic skincare products-- however, there is a full breakdown of information to consider before you switch to an entire all-natural, organic skincare routine.

  • natural + organic products typically don't contain preservatives that can kill fungus, bacteria and molds. this gives them a much shorter shelf-life than medical + science based skincare products, meaning you are needing to repurchase + replace more frequently.
  • essential oils + botanicals can cause irritation + allergic reactions. even worse, they can also sometimes cause breakouts. again, this is all dependent on your skin type, but if you have sensitive skin, it's critical that you stick to simple skincare that's free of fragrance and a lot of ingredients.
  • "all-natural" skincare doesn't deliver as effective of results. vitamin c (ascorbic acid) and hyaluronic acid are two chemical compounds that are critical to the health of your skin and are the ticket to the prevention of aging-- neither of these can be found in all-natural skincare.
  • a lot of organic, all-natural skincare can actually be more expensive than science based or medical grade skincare, meaning you are paying more for products that are less effective and that you will have to replace more often!

Of course there are many ways you can incorporate natural, organic skincare products into your regimen along with your medical grade skincare products-- it's all about knowing what your skin can tolerate (and we always recommend administering a patch test when introducing any new product to see if your skin will react before using)! When it comes to serums and products that actively treat your skin concerns, medical-grade skincare products are the way to go! 

Do you have any questions about your current skincare regimen or are in need of a skincare regimen revamp? Book a skincare consultation here!

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