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skincare layering 101

Remember how in our post about cleansers we explain skincare as a little team that all work together to get you the gold medal in skincare olympics? (refresh your memory here) I don’t know who needs to hear this but: not only is each product separately important, but the order you apply them (and how!) is also critical in ensuring your products are working efficiently and absorbing into your skin.

As usual, we got your back, and this time it’s a little checklist for you to reference as you take your place in front of your bathroom sink each morning and night.

skincare layering (am)
1. cleanse
2. tone
3. serums
4. eye cream
5. moisturizer
6. spf

skincare layering (pm)
1. cleanse
2. tone
3. serums
4. eye cream
5. retinol
6. moisturizer

So now that you have skincare layering down pat, here are a few of our other favorite layering tips + tricks:

  • When in doubt, apply products from thinnest to thickest
  • Apply serums to damp skin for maximum absorption and efficacy (except for retinol, always apply retinol after serums after your skin is no longer damp)
  • Don’t mix your serums! Always layer.
  • Allow around 60 seconds for each product to absorb before moving on to the next one.

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