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3 products we use for everything

There’s nothing that we love more than giving you all the skincare hacks from our little book of skincare secrets, because there’s also nothing we love more than seeing you all glow all out and feel GOOD in your skin. Today we’re breaking down three of our favorite products and how we use them for SO many different things, making them 110% worth the investment.

  1. Flexin’ My Complexion pads as a treatment for body acne. Just like we mentioned above, these do-it-all pads contain glycolic and salicylic acid, making them perfect for treating acne on your shoulders, chest, back, etc. Pro tip: they are also great to keep in your gym bag to use after your workout to prevent breakouts!
  2. Eternal Summer as a light foundation. This SPF has the most beautiful, universal tint that looks amazing and provides sheer to light coverage-- perfect for those “no makeup” makeup days! It contains hyaluronic acid which gives your skin a boost of hydration, leaving it dewy and glowy, AND providing you with SPF 44 to protect your face from harmful UV rays!
  3. Hello Bright Eyes Peptide Treatment as a concealer/color corrector. The universal, peach tint of this product instantly conceals and corrects dark circles and can work as a concealer for darker skin tones or a color corrector before concealer for lighter skin tones. With peptides as the star of the show, this eye treatment works on firming and plumping fine lines and signs of aging. It also contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate the delicate under eye, and a cooling applicator that depuffs and energizes. This product is SO slept on-- it is seriously doing the absolute most.

Our product line keeps on growing and our list of favorites keep piling up. Ready to get in on the fun? Shop all things kd here or book a virtual skincare consultation.

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