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everything you need to know about lip filler

It’s no surprise that beauty and cosmetic trends come and go, sometimes even overnight, but there are a few that are here to stay. One of the most popular aesthetic treatments happens to be one that we LOVE and specialize in at kd aesthetics. Say hello to a perfect pout with lip filler - and lucky for you, it’s our July special! Here’s everything you need to know about lip filler.

What are lip fillers?

Lip fillers are a type of dermal filler - dermal fillers can provide a lot of benefits (read more about that here ). Lip filler is a gel form of hyaluronic acid that is injected into your lips to help you achieve a plump, perfect pout. 

What are the benefits of lip filler?

Lip filler can help you achieve your perfect pout and simply plump up the volume in your lips. As we age, we also naturally lose volume, and lip filler can help restore that along with diminishing fine lines, laugh lines and other signs of aging. Filler, in any part of your face, can also help achieve facial symmetry.

How long does lip filler last?

The longevity of lip filler varies patient to patient, but typically these injections last 6-12 months. Seeing your provider regularly can help maintain your pout!

What to expect at your appointment?

You will start with a consultation where you and your provider will work together to decide on the appropriate filler treatment needed to meet your lip goals. You tell your provider all about your dream lips, and they will tell you all about how they will make that dream come true! After your consultation, you’ll have a few brief injections and be on the road to a perfect pout in 30 minutes or less! 

When will you see results?

While Botox can take up to 14 days to fully set in, lip filler gives you instant results! It is common and expected to have swelling, bruising and tender lips for a few days following your treatment. Our providers suggest allowing two weeks for complete resolution of the bruising and swelling.

If you are really wanting to level up your pout after lip filler, our perfect pout lip serum is a cult-favorite, ultra hydrating lip serum that plumps up your lip volume to the next level. Shop perfect pout serum here. Ready to snap some selfies and level up your konfidence? Book your appointment with a kd provider today! 

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