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3 products you need for "no makeup" makeup

You know those days where you don’t need or want a full face of makeup, but still want a little glow? Maybe you just want to look a little lively for a Zoom call working from home or maybe (hopefully) you’re headed to the pool, on a boat or running errands and just need a touch of coverage and a dewy, fresh face? If you know, you know. 

“No makeup” makeup has been the forefront of conversation on social media this spring and summer and everyone is trying to find the best products to achieve a flawless, fresh face with minimal effort, time AND product. In true kd fashion, we went and created a product kit so you don’t have to. Say hello to the fresh face trio. She’s dewy, she’s hydrating, she’s efficient and you’ll love her. Three products, three steps. Let’s get into it. 

  1. Eternal summer: there’s a reason eternal summer is a cult-favorite product that we can’t keep in stock. This product delivers spf 44 and has a universal tint to it to offer light coverage. With hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, eternal summer delivers an instant summer glow. Apply this after your moisturizer in the morning for a sheer to light coverage and ditch the foundation! Reapply as needed throughout the day for SPF protection.
  2. Hello bright eyes peptide treatment: Another “does it all” product that our patients LOVE! This tinted eye serum has a universal pigment blends with most skin tones to conceal fine lines and minor imperfections. The peptides + hyaluronic acid work to hydrate and tighten under your eyes to diminish signs of aging . The cooling metal applicator is just the icing on the cake! Apply to the under eye area after applying eternal summer and lightly tap to blend in with your fingers.
  3. Top it all off with our perfect pout serum. A tried and true OG kd product, our perfect pout serum plumps up your lips, gives them a glossy, flawless sheen and contains SPF for protection and hyaluronic acid for moisture. Pop this lip serum on as your last step and reapply all day for instant lip volume and hydration!

    Our fresh face trio is made up of 3 best-selling and multi-tasking products that deliver instant AND long-term results. Used together or separately, these three products are the baseline for a fresh and healthy face. Shop our fresh face trio here!

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