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- come to your appointment with a fresh face!

- Sit back and relax, this is a pretty painless treatment.

- You will probably be a little red immediately after. 

- don’t wash your face until next day

- no exercising or sweating until next day

- stay out of direct sunlight for 48 hours after treatment.

Q:How do I know which kocktail to choose?

A:The providers will discuss hyaluronic acid, growth factors, botox, dysport, and vitamin B12.


Q:When is the best time to schedule a Going for Gold?

A:One day before your special event.


Q:How is microchanneling different from microneedling?

A:Microchanneling does not require topical numbing since the depth of injection is less, uses fine needles to inject serum fortified with growth factors, hyaluronic acid + toxin.  It also has less downtime.

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