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- come to your appointment with a fresh face!

- The treatment area will be wiped clean. 

- You will feel a warm sensation in the treated area. 

- There is no aftercare.

- Well, you should go out and show off your results.

Q: What areas can be treated? 

A:  Forma can be used on both the face + body. Commonly treated areas include: crows feet, jowls, smile lines, neck, arms, and abdomen. 


Q: Will it hurt? 

A:  Forma is essentially painless and has no downtime. Some patients compare Forma to a hot stone massage. Slight redness in the treatment area is common post-procedure, which subsides within a few hours.


A: Can this be used in combination with other treatments?

Q: Yes, Forma can be used in combination with most laser treatments, facials, injectables, and fillers. Patients that are post neck lift or post chin lipo have found Forma to be the cherry on top.

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