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-- Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! 

-- As with any medical treatment, bruising is possible. Arnica tablets can be found at most health food stores and help prevent bruises.  

-- Avoid alcohol for two days before your appointment! (don’t worry, you can have a kocktail after)

-- Your provider will apply topical numbing cream to the treatment area, so don’t worry--no tears here. 

-- Filler appointments typically last 60 minutes, and go by quicker than you think.

-- While you’re here, get comfy in our treatment chairs and if you need a blanket to cuddle, no shame, we’ve got you covered.

-- Avoid intense exercise after your appointment for 48 hours 

-- No facial or massage for 48 hours

-- If there are signs of bruising, avoid NSAIDS + alcohol. 

-- Do not ice lips, drink through a straw, or smoke (ever) for 48 hours 

-- For swelling, you can take an antihistamine i.e. zyrtec or claritin.

Q: Does it hurt?

A: While we do apply numbing cream prior to injections, you may feel slight discomfort or pressure during the treatment.


Q: When will I see results? How long will they last?

A: This is the perfect treatment for those that love instant gratification. You will see results immediately! Filler longevity varies depending on each patient’s lifestyle and which filler is chosen. 


Q: Will it look natural?

A: Of course! Our lip filler treatments give you the pout you were supposed to have--nothing more, nothing less!

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