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kd aesthetics offers many personalized experiences to our patients, and now we’re even more excited to start our blogging journey to help educate our patients and readers further on all things skin— from the basics of getting to know your skin type to the nitty-gritty of integrating products into your routine and treating problem areas, we’ve got you covered. Consider this our “skintroduction” into the blogging world!

Skincare can be tricky, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all routine for everyone, but with our skin being literally the largest organ our bodies have, it’s critical that we learn about it so that we can take better care of it. One of the most important factors that contribute to the care of our skin is what we’re physically putting on it. 

A quick lesson on medical grade skincare…

Medical grade skincare lines offer products that are formulated with highly-concentrated ingredients. They are typically created by physicians and undergo a lot of clinical testing as well as evidence of proven results (we LOVE proven results). Medical grade skincare lines can also only be sold at establishments with a physician’s license. So, although a doctor can create a skincare line, if you can order it through your friends or pick it up at your local drug store, it is NOT actually medical grade.

In the past, medical grade skincare product lines have been looked at as a solution only for problematic or acne prone skin, and were usually only recommended if you had problematic or acne prone skin. However, these lines have evolved into lists of high-performing products to use to target and treat any skin type, and investing in medical grade skincare is one of the best things you can do for your skin.

Here’s why:

  • Medical grade skincare products are formulated with highly-stabilized ingredients that penetrate the skin deeper, increasing skin absorption and working faster and at a higher intensity. 
  • These products also last longer – a little product goes a long way!
  • Medical grade skincare degrades much slower than drug-store products. Even the way the product is bottled and packaged is taken into consideration to keep your product effective for longer. 
  • Medical grade skincare products are backed and developed by, well, obviously medical professionals. They know what’s safe and effective for your skin, and they have invested in a lot of clinical research and trials to prove their products work and provide results.Okay, okay—are you ready to shake up your skincare routine and start putting your money where your face is? We’re here to help! kd aesthetics offers skincare consultations where we can customize a skincare regimen tailored to your skin type and target your concerns. What are you waiting for? Get glowing! 

Whether you have a 2-step skincare routine or you have a complete 10-step regimen with a double cleanse, 4 serums, moisturizer, and an exfoliation schedule, we’ve got the lowdown on everything you need to know. Our goal is to help you love the skin you’re in and to give you full transparency on ingredients, regimens, products, and recommendations to benefit you long term. Check back next week to see what’s new!


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