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the mask up roundup: 2 masks to add to your regimen

Today we’re talking all things face masks-- and NOT the PPE kind. The year 2020 brought us mask mandates to help decrease the spread of Covid-19, but there’s a good chance the year 2020 also brought you new self-care routines that were born strictly out of quarantine boredom. Whether you are a face mask junkie and use them regularly or are a quarantine mask newbie, we encourage you to keep up that aspect of your self-care routine!

The beautiful thing about face masks is that they are formulated to target specific skin concerns and often give immediate results after use, meaning they treat your face and what it needs at that specific time. Maybe you have acne, oily-prone skin and retinol is drying your skin out. Hello, hydration mask! Maybe you have combination skin but you are feeling a little oily today. Hello, pore refining, oil control mask! Masks have the ability to give your skin an extra little boost of whatever it needs whether that be extra hydration, oil control, soothing irritation… there’s a mask for everything! 

Incorporating masks into your skincare routine can also help your other skincare products work more efficiently, and regular, consistent use of face masks can also provide long-term benefits. Utilizing masks that control oils and deep clean pores a couple of times a week can keep oil and breakouts at bay, and using hydrating masks regularly can keep up moisture levels on your face. 

So, what kind of mask does your skin need? We’ve rounded up our favorite kd masks that can target and improve multiple skin concerns. Welcome to the Mask Up Roundup.

For those with oily, acne prone skin, our call it a night mask is the perfect way to clean + clear out your pores and treat stubborn acne.

If you have a case of dry, sensitive skin, our hey pumpkin face mask is both deep-cleaning and nourishing, leaving your skin feeling soft, hydrated and healthy.

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