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how to achieve your perfect pout

Full, plump lips have been an ongoing trend for years now, and it doesn’t look like that trend is going anywhere anytime soon. If you’re trying to achieve the perfect pout, you’ve come to the right place, and we have plenty of tea to spill when it comes to lips. The road to fuller, plumper lips is easier to navigate than you may think. It’s time to plump it up, and we’re going to tell you how to achieve that perfect pout.

For starters, everyone’s “perfect pout” will look a little different-- you may love the whole Kylie Jenner lip thing or you may cringe at the sight. You do you, boo. But seriously, before you make any steps in a lip plumping direction, take a minute to think about what your perfect pout looks like. Consider if the changes you want to make will be major or minor changes. Maybe your top lip disappears when you smile, maybe you’ve lost collagen and your lips have flattened or maybe your lips are a little more asymmetrical than you’d like. 

Now that we’ve ironed out our #lipgoals, we’re ready to spill the tea on ways to plump it up to achieve your perfect pout.

    1. kd’s perfect pout lip serum: Our best-selling perfect pout serum is everybody’s BFF. It’s a great product to add if you are looking for instant or temporary results, but regardless, this product is the BOMB and is a must-have for so many reasons. Our perfect pout lip serum contains hyaluronic acid that delivers intense moisture to your lips without reapplication for hours, as well as other ingredients that aid in collagen production and restore volume instantly to your lips. It draws out a natural, rosy color and is perfect to wear alone or under/over your favorite lip color for a little kick. But wait, there’s more! Our perfect pout lip serum also contains SPF 30, making it more of a “need” than a “want”! 
    2. Lip flip: Lip flips have become very common in the last few years-- lip fips are an in-office treatment where we strategically inject Tox to expose more of the natural body of the top lip. This enhancement gives the impression of a fuller, plumper lip. This treatment is another quick and temporary enhancement, typically lasting around two months. This treatment usually only takes around 15 minutes, and your provider will walk you through the entire process and provide their professional opinion on ways to make your lips look fuller and symmetrical. 
    3. Dermal filler: Lip fillers are a long-term option that uses dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid (Juvederm & Restylane) to restore volume to lips, correct asymmetry and smooth out lines. Contrary to popular belief, lip fillers can look incredibly natural and we cannot recommend the perfect pout lip enhancement enough for achieving, well, a perfect pout. This enhancement typically lasts anywhere from 6-9 months. 
    4. Other ways to enhance your smile and your pout: Correct gummy smiles with a few tox injections! With just a couple of injections, we minimize the appearance of gums when you smile, so say hello to a picture perfect smile. We all LOVE a good laugh, but maybe not necessarily a good laugh line. Botox and filler can help to plump and minimize laugh lines on your face.

Ready to plump it up? We thought so! Book your next treatment, add our perfect lip serum to your cart or schedule a virtual consultation and we can walk you through our recommendations. Muah!

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