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here's why you need jawline filler

A well defined jawline is a highly sought-after facial feature that patients of all ages are trying to achieve. We often try to enhance our jawline with good lighting, contouring, lymphatic massages and other techniques, but did you know that there’s a longer lasting, non-invasive way to sculpt out that jawline and take your confidence to the next level? Let’s talk jawline dermal fillers. 

What is jawline filler?
You hear of dermal fillers most commonly used in lips, cheeks and tear troughs. Filler is also a great way to define facial features and restore any volume loss, meaning it’s also a great non-invasive injection to achieve the jawline of your dreams. Read more about dermal fillers here and learn about all the different areas we treat using dermal fillers.

What are the benefits of jawline filler?
Like we’ve mentioned above, jawline filler is a great way to define your jawline or restore any volume loss to your jawline, but it’s also a great treatment to improve facial symmetry. Since our facial bone structure is different, filler can be used to soften or enhance certain features. Filler in jawline and chin addresses mild to moderate jowling, perfecting the profile.

How long does jawline filler last?
Jawline fillers are not permanent, and how long they last is circumstantial, however, typically jawline fillers can last one to two years and will gradually metabolize over time. Seeing your provider on a regular basis will ensure you keep your jawline snatched.

What to expect at your appointment:
You and your provider will work together to achieve your #jawlinegoals. You’ll start with a consultation, where your provider will give you the step by step process and their recommendations. After that, you’ll have a few quick injections, meaning you’ll have a sculpted jawline in approximately 30 minutes or less!

When will you see results?
Unlike Botox, filler injections give you results immediately, although you may see some swelling and bruising for a few days. Jawline filler also improves over time and will fully settle in around two to three weeks. Our providers like to follow up after 2-3 weeks to check on your results. Expect to achieve better facial symmetry, a slimmer neck, more defined cheekbones as well as a sculpted jawline!

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