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do i really need to be using vitamin c?

Vitamin C is quite often the holy grail of vitamins we run to when it comes to protecting our immunity. Sometimes we take it in excessive amounts when the slightest sign of illness comes our way. In a not-so-shocking turn of events, vitamin C is also a holy grail skincare hero when applied topically as a serum. Do you really need to be using vitamin C? Let's get into it.

These powerhouse antioxidant serums have been on the market for a while, but have recently gained a lot of popularity due to the endless amount of benefits. Overall, vitamin C is the ultimate anti-aging product and is the definition of a team player as it aids in the absorption and penetration of your other products, including retinol. Not to be dramatic, but it is literally a miracle worker. 

But wait! There’s more.

Since we are partying it up as we celebrate the launch of our very own vitamin C serum, the glow up serum, we are here to tell you why you need to add this liquid gold to your skincare lineup. For one, it smells like a DREAM(sicle). Seriously, it has the greatest, very light citrus scent that feels like a mimosa for your face (and who doesn’t love a mimosa first thing in the morning?

A few of our fav benefits of using vitamin C:

  • increased collagen production
  • brighter, clearer skin
  • protects against damaging free radicals and harmful blue light
  • improves absorption and penetration of other skincare products

Like most skincare, all vitamin C serums aren’t created equal. Since vitamin C can play such a critical role in your skincare routine, it’s so important that you use a medical grade serum to reap the most benefits. You can find these serums from many over-the-counter or cosmetic brands. Unfortunately, in most cases, these brands aren’t formulated by physicians and end up being a heavily diluted product with minimal potency-- meaning it could take double the time to see results, if any. Medical grade vitamin C, and all medical grade products for that matter, are formulated by physicians and are taken through extensive testing to ensure the products do their job effectively. (read more about choosing medical grade products here.) 

Are you ready for your glow up? Shop the kd glow up serum here.

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