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10 tips for your best wedding day skin

If you are a part of the 99% of people who didn’t listen when their friends and family told them to elope so that they didn’t have to plan a wedding… this post is for you!

Just kidding, just kidding-- no matter what your wedding plans look like, we know you have one million checklists, a binder, your future mother-in-law or maybe your own mother is making your hair fallout, and you can’t decide between a DJ or a live band. How can we help? Well, obviously go for the live band, but other than that, we are here to give you radiant skin so you can glow your way down the aisle. 

A non-negotiable for most brides on their big day is to look Beyonce level flawless. You want to have hair that can withstand the wedding day elements, but you also want to have glowing, radiant perfect makeup that makes you look like you were simultaneously kissed by both the sun and an angel. We’re going to let you in on a little secret-- perfect makeup starts with your skin. Don’t you worry sister, you have enough on your plate. We’ve rounded 9 of our best wedding prep skin tips.

First and foremost, just breathe. Easy for someone who isn’t planning a wedding to say, isn’t it? But in all seriousness, make sure to take a day or two out of the week to NOT even THINK about your wedding or your to-do lists. Take time to relax and recharge. Unfortunately, stress is not cute on the skin so it’s crucial to rest, recharge, and drink LOTS of water.

Start your wedding skin prep early. It’s best if you start a new regimen or any new treatments at least a year in advance prior to your big day. Your skin can change a lot in a full year, so the earlier you start the better your results. 

Understand your skin type. Knowing your skin type is critical in understanding what your skin needs. Your skincare regimen needs to be incredibly intentional and calculated, tailored to treat your personal problem areas and keep you looking fresh year-round. 

Set some goals. I mean, yeah, setting goals in general is great, but setting goals for your skin is important as well. Slathering serums on your face is great, but what are they even doing for your skin? Think about what you want to achieve out of new treatments or a regimen. What are your concerns or problem areas? What do you wish would go away? What do you want to accentuate? Having these things in mind will help you select products and treatments that will help you achieve these goals. 

Invest in medical grade skincare. Medical grade skincare is a wise investment whether you are getting married or not, but even more so if you are looking to achieve results efficiently. Medical grade skincare products work quicker, penetrate deeper and give you better results than using anything you would find in a department store.

Consult a professional. You don’t have time to google and read 1,000 product reviews, figure out where you need botox, and look up the meaning of “microneedling” all while trying to plan a wedding. Now that you know you have your list of skin goals you want to achieve, reach out to a skin professional for a consultation. kd aesthetics offers consultations (virtually and in-person) that are complementary! We can customize a skin regimen, recommend treatments and services, as well as the timeline in which you need them. Getting professional advice for your skin is SO important, especially when you are integrating medical grade skincare.

Consider professional treatments. Aside from a solid medical grade skincare regimen, professional treatments are the best way to achieve results and achieve them quickly. Treatments like Botox can help soften wrinkles in certain areas of your face and fillers can help enhance your lips, cheeks and other areas of your pretty face. We also recommend our Going for Gold treatment to infuse Botox, vitamins and everything your skin needs for the perfect glow up. Again, reach out to us for a skin consultation and we can customize a treatment plan for you!

Don’t over do it. Always integrate new products into your skincare routine gradually and by instruction of a skincare professional or physician. Starting the use of products all at once (especially acids and retinoids) can cause your skin to react or damage your skin’s barrier. 

Be patient. To see results from a new product or regimen, allow around 6-8 weeks for noticeable differences. With that being said, certain products, especially products containing glycolic acid or retinoids, could cause your skin to “purge” or breakout temporarily. This is just the product essentially deep cleaning your skin. Always fight through the purges. It always gets worse before it gets better! (if purge continues longer than 4 weeks after starting a product, consult a physician or discontinue)

Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Sunscreen. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you need to wear SPF on the REG. Errry single day. Even in the winter! Even if you’re only exposed to sunlight through the windows! For one, you need to wear sunscreen daily anyway to protect your skin and prevent sun damage. For two, if you are starting any new products containing acids or retinoids, your skin is going to be more sensitive to the sun than normal.

Ready to start your bridal glow up? We can help! Shop medical-grade kd skincare or book a complimentary consultation for guidance on products + treatments.

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